Guys, I made a thing! 

++cue the bragging++

While searching Pinterest for some random thing awhile back I found a shawl/wrap that was being sold on etsy for way more than I’d spend. Yes, it was gorgeous, yes it looked super cozy. But I wasn’t going to spend a boatload of money to have it shipped from Turkey. I kinda forgot about it and then Pinterest happened again. I then sat for probably way too long trying to figure out how to make this thing happen. I consider myself a very good knitter but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what technique was used to create this amazing-ness. Then, it hit me, I ran to my yarn stash and immediately started a test knit.  It would work! 

After grossly underestimating the amount of yarn that was needed to complete this project and then praying to the yarn gods about dye lots I whipped this out. 

This is my first big non pattern knit, and I’m super proud of myself. I plan to spend all day in it sipping tea. Plus it’s sparkly!

*watches a movie*

*sees a dog*

me: if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD

I Frankenstein

Good idea… needed to have more than just a rough draft written before they turned it in to a movie though